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Leaders and Ambassadors


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Taylor Smith is a cofounder and President of Shoes4Everyone. She's a senior at the University of Georgia majoring in marketing with a minor in Spanish. Her founding and work with Shoes4Everyone has contributed to her love and pursuit of business. She is excited to continue Shoes4Everyone's pursuit of outfitting people in need of shoes.

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Sierra Smith is a senior at Tennessee State University studying biology on a pre-med track. She is extremely passionate about health and  serving others which is why she is working to become a doctor. She is excited to continue these passions through her work with Shoes4Everyone by outfitting those in need and preventing the spread of infectious diseases from improper footwear.
Mariah Pritchett is a sophomore at Ohio State University.  She used to dance competitively and teaches dance to budding ballerinas. Mariah is also passionate about community service and helping those in need.  She loves being the secretary for Shoes4Everyone because she believes no one should be without shoes. Collecting gently used shoes for Shoes4Everyone is one way she can contribute.

Meet our Ambassadors

Casey Sherer is senior at the University of Georgia. She loves incorporating community service into her life and is excited to serve as an ambassador for Shoes4Everyone.

Evan Favors is a junior at Howard University. She really enjoys participating in community service activities with Shoes4Everyone where she can provide her time and talents to the community.

Kezia Kennedy is junior at the UNC Chapel Hill. She loves learning about history and biology as well as helping others as she aspires to  become a doctor in the future. She is proud to be an Ambassador of Shoes4Everyone because the organization has a passion for providing shoes to people in need.

Madison Arnold is a senior at the University of Georgia. She is passionate about activism and community advocacy and enjoys helping those in need. She is excited to contribute as an ambassador of Shoes4Everyone.

Rankin Odister is a senior at the University of Georgia and enjoys giving back to the community. Shoes4Everyone is a great avenue for us to help the community and families in need!

Karrington Riley is a junior at Boston University. She became engaged with Shoes4Everyone because she is always seeking leadership and volunteer opportunities that positively impact the community.

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